Who We Are

All star Who We are:
Thanks for visiting my website. I have made this website about being an all star. When I say All-Star, what I mean is being an all star in any situation in your life.

Who am I? My name Devon but my friends call me Dboy (long story). So you might be wondering what gives me the authority to discuss these matters here? Well, that’s pretty easy. I simply have had exposure to great mentors in my life. I’ve gleaned from their level of understanding and wanted to share some of those insights with you.

Now, I can’t guarantee that all of the insides will apply to you, however, what I can guarantee is that if you dig deep enough you’ll find nuggets of information that could prove to be helpful.

When I was a kid I always dreamed of making an All-Star team. I wanted to be the best of the very best. Unfortunately, most of my childhood did not involve me being the best of the best.

At that time I didn’t necessarily have the skills to pay the bills. So, as I’ve gotten older and have found myself with much more freedom, I’ve dedicated my life to succeeding at the tasks that I find most interesting.

The reason why this part is important is simply that if we take serious interest in the things that we do, we will prove to be passionate about them. If we are passionate about them, we have a much greater chance of succeeding once we put our hands to the plow (iguratively put).

I encourage you to spend a whole bunch of time on the site. I hope that you find things that help you in your life. I have compiled as many life hacks as I could possibly think of and they should be found all on this site

Make sure that you read the disclaimers however. I can’t really promise that you’ll have all of the success that you desire. I would be crazy to do that.  But I’d like to give you some encouragement to live your dream however that looks for you.